The Mud Anchor (Model 'MA') Dump Valve is designed to be run on the bottom of the mud anchor to dump solids and debris, such as sand and scale, from within the production tubing into the rathole. It is applicable only for beam type rod pump operations. It is especially effective when used with the Cavins Downhole Desander sub. By using the Model 'MA' Dump Valve, solids may be stored in the rathole. After the rathole becomes full, solids may then be stored in the mud anchor.


Upon the upstroke of the pump, the ball within the valve is moved upward by fluid movement to close the valve. All well fluid is then diverted through the perforated nipple or the inlet ports of the downhole desander sub located above the mud anchor.

Upon the downstroke of the pump, the ball settles by gravity down upon the lower seat within the valve. Thus, the valve is open and solids are free to drain by the ball through slots below the ball. The solids drain out the lower end of the valve and settle into the rathole.

The mud anchor with the Model 'MA' Dump Valve on the lower end should extend below the well's perforations.