Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer

The Cavins Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer is the most effective tool available for recovering sandfill and small junk from open or cased holes. The Hydrostatic Bailer can be run on tubing or drill pipe, and it functions without surface pumps. Either check valves or a Cavins Junk Basket, with dual sets of spring-type catchers, is used to trap sand, debris, and junk when the hydrostatic bailer is activated. The Bailer employs a pressure differential principle, with well fluid supplying the operating medium. The force created by this pressure differential is vastly superior to the slow flow obtained with circulation-type tools, and it has the added advantage of loosening imbedded pieces.

The Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer is effective at all depths. The force of the surge is regulated to prevent damage to the workstring or the casing. Since the tool requires no circulation, it eliminates the expense of moving in heavy surface equipment where such is not already available at the well.

The Cavins Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer is available for all sizes of cased and open hole, and can be used with 1-1/4” inch or larger tubing or drill pipe.